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Back to Basics


This week I’ve passed my online italian course (yay!), I’ve finished reading my book, cleaned the windows and had many short workouts. So now it was the time we go…

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From Street Style to Cozy Loungewear


Today’s post is a little bit of inspo for the only clothing type we are wearing right now – yep, loungewear. Even though, we are all dreaming about new spring…

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Life & Style Update


One of my new years resolution was to learn italian, and another one to go and live in Italy for some time this year. We see how it went. Everything…

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Staying Home


So this was an interesting week. Every day everything changes and we have now stepped into a full quarantine. From Monday everything will be closed except groceries stores and pharmacies.…

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Zero-Effort Spring Outfit


While I know it’s still quite cold I‘m trying to find  ways to start wearing spring looks now even if that means just adding lighter colours to my outfits here and…

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Add These Stylish Spring Pieces To Your Closet


It is only February but more and more we can see the signs of spring. I have to say in Lithuania it is very unusual. However, great weather is usually…

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