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How Your Mood Affects Your Outfit


My style is a form of personal expression. It’s the way I choose to show how I feel, it’s a way in which I decide to introduce myself in certain…

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Summer 2019 Outfit Inspiration


It‘s been so hot lately that all I can wear right now are shorts and dresses. Even though I love summer and it‘s weather, it is way more difficult to…

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3 Reasons to Shop Vintage


In case you missed the news for the last several years, caring about the environment is cool now – and has never been easier! From recycling, using a reusable water…

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2019 Fashion Trends: Falling in Love with Tie-Dye Trend


You might have heard me saying how I don‘t like tie-dye trend and how I would never wear it. Things have changed. I‘m seeing it everywhere lately and I think…

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How to Wear a Satin Dress/Skirt in Everyday Life


Isn’t it lovely when a major trend comes around and appears to genuinely suit everyone? That idea is around a lot in the fashion industry but occasionally, something magical does…

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A Week of Outfits: Birthday Edition


I always feel that around my birthday is the time that Spring truly arrives, and each year, it is the perfect occasion to pull together an elegant, stylish or sophisticated…

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