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Transition to Fall Fashion: 5 Autumn/ Winter 2018 Trends


Raise your hand if you are just like me and fall is your favorite season for fashion! Also it is a season of beautiful leaves, blankets, tea and the oversized…

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Occasion Wear


One big reason why I love summer so much (in addition to the amazing weather of course) is the fact that most events, gatherings, parties and occasions are held during…

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Season to Enjoy


Boy, it’s hot out there. However, it was so exciting and refreshing to have the heat and the time to lay on the beach in Nida this weekend. I just…

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The Most Instagram-Famous Pieces Right Now


Instagram’s brightest stars are spending their holidays on picturesque beaches, enjoying the biggest fruit bowls you can ever imagine, while the rest of us scroll through these profiles during the…

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Ugly Sneakers


If you are a 90s enthusiast, then this trend has definitely made you happy. After a quick scan on Instagram I can confirm that ugly shoe madness is still here.…

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Top 15 Asos Sale Pieces Under 50€


Hello, everyone! Last week I came back from Open‘er festival in Gdynia which was amazing! Right before that I managed to go through some sales and buy a very festival…

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