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New-In Pieces I‘am Adding To Basket This Autumn


September is finally here and I’m so excited to finally get on with it and make some new purchases that would let me enjoy those crisp autumn mornings! Next week…

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Summer 2019


Remember back in the day when you had to write a short article on what you did for summer vacation? This is pretty much what this post is going to…

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What to Add to Your Closet in August


Congratulations – you’ve made it to August! It’s time to enjoy the last rays of sunshine (sorry, but this is Lithuania after all) and wear everything that your warm-weather wardrobe…

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My Current Favorite Asos Finds


Asos is one of my favorite sites when it comes to shopping online. But it can feel like an overwhelming, endless black hole at times. I just recently bought a…

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How Your Mood Affects Your Outfit


My style is a form of personal expression. It’s the way I choose to show how I feel, it’s a way in which I decide to introduce myself in certain…

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Summer 2019 Outfit Inspiration


It‘s been so hot lately that all I can wear right now are shorts and dresses. Even though I love summer and it‘s weather, it is way more difficult to…

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