Here’s The Perfect 3-Piece Uniform For Autumn


Can’t believe that bare leg days are almost gone and I need to reorganize my wardrobe again. However, even though I’m always looking forward to the newest up and coming trends, nothing gets me excited like timeless wardrobe staples that I wear again and again every season.  So when it comes to fail-safe outfit formulas, you just can’t beat a blazer, jeans and a tee. This is what I start with when transitional season comes and can’t imagine a better combination for the early days of autumn.

This cropped leather blazer looks very good on jeans and I’m sure would look even better on dresses. So I can’t wait to wear it more often especially when the weather is getting cooler now.


Here’s The Perfect 3-Piece Uniform

Here’s The Perfect 3-Piece Uniform

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