Let’s Talk About Sustainable Fashion


Single-use plastic was the main topic of 2018. I started seeing more discussion on sustainability on my social media, noticing metal straws at bars and events. But another industry, due to its size and environmental impact, needs to make some serious changes as well: the fashion industry. While sustainable fashion can never be truly sustainable, the idea refers to clothes that are produced and sold with “less” environmental and human harm.

Fast fashion is easy for consumers because it’s inexpensive and you don‘t feel that bad after your fashion pieces rip after just a few wears. Because you get what you paid for, right? Purchasing new items can be satisfying because we usually buy something new as a reward and it makes you feel better for a short amount of time. It makes you happy to share that new purchase with everyone around you.

But does it really make us happy? That is another realisation I’ve had over the years. What I enjoy about shopping now is the creativity of styling outfits together and make as many outfits as I can with that one new purchase. That is why every time I‘m buying something new I think if it goes with at least three other items in my wardrobe.

As much as I love new clothes, I usually wear everything until they start falling apart and then drop off my unwanted textiles in a H&M store hoping they would give them a new life. If there is something that looks quite good but I don‘t longer wear that item, I usually sell it or give it to somebody that I know will enjoy wearing it.

I am recycling at home. I am boycotting single-use plastic. But yes, I still go shopping sometimes to buy nice things, I’m still going to be talking about fashion on my blog but over time I am focusing on it being less shopping-focused and more style focused. We need to educate ourselves about our negative impact on the world to understand how every decision we make impacts the Earth.

It is time to slow down, think about our actions, and learn to love our clothes and our planet again.





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