5 Things I’m Excited About This Year


5 Things I’m Excited About This Year

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are just as much exciting about the snow as I am. Lately I’ve been thinking about my goals that I set for this year and how I should start accomplishing them now because it is almost the end of January! Here’s just five things I’m looking forward to achieve and experience this year the most!

Discovering new places

Hopefully, 2018 will be a year full of adventures. I have such a long list of places that I want to visit and next month I will have a little weekend getaway trip so I’m off to a great start.

5 Things I’m Excited About This Year

 Trying new recipes

I need to stop having the same breakfast, lunch and dinner over and over again, and try out some new dishes, especially I have to stop having cookies and other sweets for breakfast because I feel how more and more I’m becoming a sugar addict. I have a great cooking book called Eat Smart by Niomi Smart where I find so many easy-to-make vegan recipes that I have no excuse to not get creative in the kitchen, give some new recipes a go and have a more varied diet.

5 Things I’m Excited About This Year5 Things I’m Excited About This Year

 Learning a new language

Every time I meet someone who is bilingual I get an urge to learn a new language. I already downloaded some apps to start learning at home but I would love to hear your recommendations where is the best (and the cheapest) place in Vilnius where I could learn French or Italian because it’s just too hard to do it by myself when no one is pushing to work harder.

Start recycling

Okay, recycling. It’s a beast and it worries me a little. 1 billion tons of plastic is just floating in the ocean and it’s not something that someone else can do because you can’t be bothered. So I decided to start from myself and take it seriously.

5 Things I’m Excited About This Year 5 Things I’m Excited About This Year 5 Things I’m Excited About This Year

Upgrade my blog

My blog is almost one year old and since I don’t feel like I want to stop, it will be a little bit changed in the upcoming months and hopefully look more attractive to you guys. 🙂

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  1. learning a new language is amazing! good luck sweetie


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