Blogmas: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes


BLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas Cupcaces

We spent lots of time in the kitchen (well, most of us) during the holidays. It seems like there’s an endless amount of goodies to bake, meals to cook, and of course, dishes to do. I love festive cupcakes or similar treats so I couldn’t resist recreating my cupcakes with Christmas lights!

If you’re feeling creative and have a little extra time on your hands you can always dress this Christmas cupcake idea up further. For example, add green food coloring to the frosting or roll the frosted cupcakes in white sprinkles or  glitter (so it looks like snow on the tree).


100 g dark chocolate;

100 g butter;

3 eggs;

160 g  sugar;

1 spoon of strong coffee;

3 spoons of natural yogurt;

180 g flour;

70 g grounded almonds.


250 g mascarpone cheese;

250 ml  heavy cream;

1 spoon of lemon juice;

3 spoons of sugar.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl with butter over a pan of boiling water. In another bowl mix eggs with sugar and slowly add chocolate and butter mixture. Then add yogurt, coffee, flour and almonds. Mix everything together.

While cupcakes cool, fill up your decorating bag with white frosting. Ice your cupcakes by drawing a large swirl starting on the outside and working your way to the center. Draw a swirl on top of the frosting with dark chocolate. Place a mix of colored M&M’s along the black swirl. Enjoy!

BLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas CupcacesBLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas CupcacesBLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas Cupcaces


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