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Benedict Market


Saturdays are meant for eating delicious food and visiting new places, so that is exactly what we did yesterday. There is a new food market in the city which was…

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Snowboarding Level One


I wish I could say I looked like that chalet girl on my first day. Confidently balancing on my board, gliding down the hill with all the grace I have.…

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5 Things I’m Excited About This Year


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are just as much exciting about the snow as I am. Lately I’ve been thinking about my goals that I set…

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One Item, Three Different Outfits


You probably know by now that I’m not the girliest girl. I generally try to avoid super feminine pieces because they don’t suit me. However, I like pleated skirts (which…

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Hello Friday!


This was one of those weeks where everything seemed to go my way. Nothing crazy happened, but I really love falling back into my routine at home. This past week,…

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2017’s Hottest Accessory Trend That Is Still Here


You thought this trend would never come back into style but I‘ve been waiting for it, as long as I saw my granny wearing it. If you ask me, the…

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