08/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: Peek Into The Magical World of Vilnius Christmas Market

Peek Into The Magical World of Vilnius Christmas MarketWhile Christmas Markets are open during the day, they are most beautiful in the evening. The dancing sparkling lights enhance the already festive atmosphere, giving the market a magical feel. This year, Vilnius is hosting two main Christmas markets in the centre of town – at two of the city’s main squares, which can easily be visited in one evening. One of my favourite things about Christmas markets are the food and mulled wine. It appears I’m not the only one judging by the crowds hanging out by the food and wine stalls. However, it can be very expensive, so be prepared and bring some extra cash if you come hungry. Tonight we have visited both of these main markets in Vilnius, so look around and spot the most beautiful Christmas tree in Europe!

Peek Into The Magical World of Vilnius Christmas MarketPeek Into The Magical World of Vilnius Christmas MarketPeek Into The Magical World of Vilnius Christmas MarketPeek Into The Magical World of Vilnius Christmas Market

07/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: Oh, Christmas Tree!

Blogmas: Oh, Christmas Tree!

Decorating the tree for Christmas is one of my absolute favourite things about this time of year. I have to say, you need to get yourself a REAL Christmas tree, its not the same as having a plastic one. The smell of a tree is one of the main thing that makes your home smell like Christmas instantly. I went with a silver, gold and pink theme as it is my first year when I can decorate my own tree.

For those who are looking for perfect decorations I would strongly recommend Senukai as it is the only place that had everything I needed and I even found a pink velvet ornament which could not be more me!

Blogmas: Oh, Christmas Tree! Blogmas: Oh, Christmas Tree!Blogmas: Oh, Christmas Tree! Blogmas: Oh, Christmas Tree!

06/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: Festive Christmas Nail Designs For 2017

Christmas nails ideas come in hundreds of beautiful and fun designs and different styles. It is a right time of the year to get everything decorated. At the same time, it is also a big time of the year to show off your personal style and creativity. Since you are going to use your hands a lot while shaking hands, serving food, cutting cakes and decorating the tree, it would be almost unfair not to make them Christmas ready. Even though, I’m not the one who likes everything that sparkles, for this time of year, I decided to choose something different and festive. 

Christmas nailsChristmas nailsChristmas nails

If you don’t feel like being creative, try one of these easy winter and Christmas nails designs to add some fun to your nails.

christmas nails christmas nails christmas nails christmas nails christmas nails


05/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: Restaurants of Our Trip in Riga

Yesterday, I published here our trip to Riga with my university friends, talking about the things we did in the city. I preferred to separate the restaurants because they deserve a special post and here they are!


America truly has its special place in Latvia – MOONShine! Honestly speaking, the interior is the first thing you notice because it is the combination of the old classical American bar and restaurant style of the 1950’s and 60’s. Clearly, the menu fits to the entire “MOONshine” style – a la America. However, the prices were really high and the food wasn’t worth it. The only thing that I really enjoyed was Garlic Bread.


Street Fries Kitchen

It is a small street bistro serving a wide variety of pancakes, fried snacks, eggs, burgers and, of course, its speciality – Belgian-style fries. The interior is modern, yet playful and includes colourful furniture, hardwood floors and lots of funny posters on the walls. If you are beer lover you can sample a dozen or so beers in bottles from around the globe.


Mr. Fox

There is no doubt this place is the best one that we visited in Riga. Breakfast and lunch menus include ingredients such as quinoa, buckwheat, sea trout and lots of other healthy stuff, some of which is vegan or gluten-free. Mr. Fox gets extra credit for having North African shakshuka (eggs in hot tomato sauce) on the menu. Even though I haven’t tried it here, it is my new favorite meal of this month!



04/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: A Wonderful Weekend With Friends In Riga

BLOGMAS: A Wonderful Weekend with Friends in Riga

Almost every year me and my university friends go on a trip. It is always around this time of year when cities are filled with Christmas lights, snow and mulled wine. So, this year we have decided to go to Riga and see how they are preparing for the holiday season. With its Medieval city centre, interesting history and contemporary culture, Riga is perfect for a short little break.

Christmas market in Riga is completely different from the one that we have in Vilnius. It looks so small but cozy with a Christmas tree, roasted almonds, chocolate glazed gingerbread and local handcraft. Although, Riga‘s nightlife looks like dead on Saturday night (or you have to know certain places), we had a great time and would come back here again because Riga is a lovely city that’s bursting with charm and Christmas mood 🙂

BLOGMAS: A Wonderful Weekend with Friends in RigaBLOGMAS: A Wonderful Weekend with Friends in RigaBLOGMAS: A Wonderful Weekend with Friends in Riga BLOGMAS: A Wonderful Weekend with Friends in Riga BLOGMAS: A Wonderful Weekend with Friends in Riga

03/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Are you ready for this girls? My ultimate Christmas gift guide for him is live! Grab a cup of tea and make sure you leave me a comment if you think I’ve missed anything out! I’d love to hear what’s on your wishlist or what you’re planning on gifting your family!

Yesterday I made a list of things that I would like to find under the tree and today we have a list of things that my boyfriend would like to get. And what can I say, it looks like it‘s way more expensive than mine (at least some of these things)! However, you don’t have to buy everything, so choose something that would suit your friend’s needs and go go go before the Christmas madness begins 🙂

The Gamer Friend: Nintendo Switch Console



The Professional Videomaker: Gimbal


The Passionate Adventurer: Backpack



The Sports Addict: Sneakers/ Snowboard/ Gym Bag



The Technology Buff: Drone


02/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Below you’ll find the best of everything in fashion, homeware and everything in-between! I hope you manage to add something to your Christmas gifts list nice and early and maybe even get the chance to treat yourself too! These are all my picks that would work for a lot of girls out there and the ones that I would like to receive under the tree. Some of the items in here are really useful because sometimes they are not the ones you necessary buy it by yourself but when you get them you think omg I am so glad I got this! Practically, this is my wishlist for Santa this year.

Happy gift shopping!

Wishbone Necklace 


Cluse Watch


















Christmas Jumper



Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil



Source – Pinterest

01/ 12/ 17

Blogmas: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas Cupcakes

BLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas Cupcaces

We spent lots of time in the kitchen (well, most of us) during the holidays. It seems like there’s an endless amount of goodies to bake, meals to cook, and of course, dishes to do. I love festive cupcakes or similar treats so I couldn’t resist recreating my cupcakes with Christmas lights!

If you’re feeling creative and have a little extra time on your hands you can always dress this Christmas cupcake idea up further. For example, add green food coloring to the frosting or roll the frosted cupcakes in white sprinkles or  glitter (so it looks like snow on the tree).


100 g dark chocolate;

100 g butter;

3 eggs;

160 g  sugar;

1 spoon of strong coffee;

3 spoons of natural yogurt;

180 g flour;

70 g grounded almonds.


250 g mascarpone cheese;

250 ml  heavy cream;

1 spoon of lemon juice;

3 spoons of sugar.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl with butter over a pan of boiling water. In another bowl mix eggs with sugar and slowly add chocolate and butter mixture. Then add yogurt, coffee, flour and almonds. Mix everything together.

While cupcakes cool, fill up your decorating bag with white frosting. Ice your cupcakes by drawing a large swirl starting on the outside and working your way to the center. Draw a swirl on top of the frosting with dark chocolate. Place a mix of colored M&M’s along the black swirl. Enjoy!

BLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas CupcacesBLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas CupcacesBLOGMAS: Very Merry Chocolate Christmas Cupcaces


16/ 11/ 17

The Black Friday Warm up Sales

Black Friday

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). I did my first Black Friday outing (in Lithuania Black Friday is not even a thing but we do have sales around the same time of year) two years ago and I ended up really happy because of my little preparation. I knew about upcoming sales and with a list of items that I had my eyes on a couple of days before the actual sale, my Black Friday mission went very successful.

Thankfully, these sales are the kind you don’t even have to leave the couch for and some of my favourite retailers are even dropping their prices a week before in the Black Friday Warm Up Sales to get everyone in the mood for the big day!

The section below shows some very best discounts the Black Friday sales have to offer! During the week I will try to add more shops to the list, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back over the next week.

ASOS | Up To 60% Off Your Full Look

The Black Friday

River Island | Up to 30% Selected Lines

The Black Friday

New Look | 25% off Footwear and Accessories

The Black Friday

12/ 11/ 17



There’s only more or less one month left until we can decorate our Christmas trees and make our houses look like Winter Wonderland! At least that’s what I’m going to do this year. But for all the Christmas lovers among you who can not wait for THE DAY, this is still waaaay too long, right? I won’t lie, I am already in the mood for Christmassy stuff and for some people it might be annoying. Recently, I started to think about taking on the challenge of blogmas throughout December which would lead up to Christmas. Blogmas focuses on blogging everyday until the 25th of December. I still have not decided yet, but that would be very interesting and a great chance to make lots of Christmas related content.

Blogmas Blogmas Blogmas BlogmasBlogmas