Zara Sale


Zara Sale

We all know and love Zara for its affordable basics and unique outfit styling inspiration. I finally managed to visit Zara sale and grab some great pieces that will be perfect for my spring/summer wardrobe. Luckily, my boyfriend found something more appropriate for the current season that I stole immediately.

It can be all too easy when temperatures drop to a certain level to lean on the same outfits you have for the past few years. Grey, navy and black knitwear and the same black ankle boots. However, if you’re looking for some new winter combinations, try to look at men’s department for some great pieces to achieve interesting looks you will be able to wear on repeat until spring.

Just because you have to make sensible choices shopping, doesn’t mean you have to spend the next six months in boring and unadventurous outfits. Zara sale always have some great pieces at men’s department and usually have many items in smaller sizes which is just perfect. Or just have a sneaky look at your boyfriend‘s wardrobe. For some reason certain staples are just better when borrowed.

Yes, I‘m gonna give this denim jacket back to him. But it doesn‘t mean I won‘t be stealing it again.

Zara Sale  Zara Sale

Zara Sale

Zara Sale Zara Sale

5 responses to “Zara Sale”

  1. Veronika says:

    You were lucky to find these pieces that suit you so well. I never have much luck with Zara.

  2. Tiffany Harrison says:

    I love how you style this outfit and achieve this look!

    Phlanx’s Marketing Specialist

  3. crystalsundays says:

    Well, 2 out of 3 pieces are going back to Zara so I guess I’m not that lucky either ;D

  4. Tiffany Harrison says:

    Are you interested in doing collabs? You can check out the offers in our Collaboration section at Phlanx! You can also check us out at Instagram @phlanxglobal

    Phlanx’s Marketing Specialista

  5. Nadya says:

    Great pieces! And a bag! Can you please tell the brand of the bag?

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