3 Reasons to Shop Vintage


In case you missed the news for the last several years, caring about the environment is cool now – and has never been easier! From recycling, using a reusable water bottles, bringing your own bags to the grocery store and saying goodbye to plastic straws, there are endless simple ways to show our planet some love.

Recently, I’ve been putting more thoughts into my clothing and the impact of my shopping habits. I am all about a good deal and sometimes I end up buying something cheap and not the best quality. These pieces of clothing doesn‘t serve you long and as I think about it now, it‘s not a good deal at all.

Vintage shopping is something that I discovered just recently. I live for the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction that comes after discovering a vintage treasure. The challenge of giving something new life is very inspiring and you also get to see that what goes around when it comes to style really does come back around.

I know that vintage often gets a bad reputation as washed fabrics and bad-smelling fur but the reality is completely different. In the age of fast fashion, it can be the key to identifying your own unique style. Here are my top three reasons for shopping vintage.


3 Reasons to Shop Vintage



By shopping vintage and second-hand instead of new, we can reduce the amount of perfectly good clothing that goes to waste after only a few wears. If your wardrobe is gathering items that still have their tags on or are in a perfect condition, consider donating them or selling online. Why not to give these items a chance at a second life?


3 Reasons to Shop Vintage



In the past, there was no such thing as fast fashion. Clothes were made to last, and people bought clothing items that they would be able to wear again and again. Vintage clothing is often much better quality than it is today, which falls apart after only a few wears.


3 Reasons to Shop Vintage



Shopping sustainable fashion brands can be more expensive than what you’re used. It is all about investment pieces in our wardrobe – meaning these are basic styles we’re purchasing with the intention of wearing for the long run. In this case, shopping second hand will allow you to shop those cheaper styles that you might want last minute or those pieces that are more colorful + unique compared to your investment styles. However, you can find some amazing classic fashion pieces just like I did finding this beautiful oversized black blazer!


3 Reasons to Shop Vintage


Some days you will walk out with nothing. Other days you will have to call your friend or boyfriend to pick you up with with a truck. The point is, thrifting can be really fun and rewarding. Pick a few favorite spots around you and visit them frequently because shops like this change their inventory pretty quick. The one that I visit even offer you to send a message when the new clothes arrive 😊

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