How to Drive Traffic to Your Brand New Fashion Blog


This blog post is dedicated to those who are thinking of having their own blog or already have one and want to bring more traffic to it. Some of you may know that I’ve been blogging on and off for almost two years and two months ago I have decided to finally start growing my audience and bring more traffic to my blog. I learnt a lot about blogging last year and am ready to take it to the next level in 2019.

I should say that it wasn’t easy for me to increase the traffic. At some point it looked like no one was reading and I was only getting around 20-30 page views a day. But everything has changed after I started using Pinterest as a source of traffic and it worked so well!

But let’s start from the beginning.


So you’re ready to start your fabulous blog. You’ve got an idea of a niche and what you’re writing about, decided on a name and now you’re ready to make this dream of yours a reality.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a hosting for your blog. It really isn’t as confusing as some people make it sound. This is a space where your domain points to, and from where all the files of your site are loaded and displayed on request whenever the website is accessed by the visitor. When I started I didn’t know a thing about that but after a little research I managed to take things off the ground.

When it comes to best web hosting services out there, I always recommend SiteGround. Mainly because of their live chat support which is available 24/7. Believe me it is A MUST for a new bloggers or anyone starting their business online because you are going to have A LOT of questions.

Building and maintaining a WordPress site is really easy because SiteGround has such thoughtfully designed tools as Free SSL Certificates, Daily Backups and Email Service. Find more information here: Web Hosting Platform.


You’ve taken the plunge and can call yourself a blogger now! You’re super excited to share your knowledge with the world, grow your readership and maybe even make money as a blogger. However, you can have the best posts published out there, but if your blog’s layout looks like a mess – I’d leave straight away. I understand that everyone has a different design aesthetic. My blog design aesthetic is a clean, simple and minimalist look – where less is MORE!

I purchased Kotryna Bass Design blog design theme and I couldn’t be happier with their service. At the beginning I used their free version but of course I got bored and decided to come back as a paying customer. Now I have design of my dreams. How do you like it?

All of the themes purchased on Kotryna Bass Design include free installation services which is awsome! They respond really fast and get work done while you are enjoying your cup of tea.


Pinterest was my game-changer this year. Not just pinning, but pinning each of my posts to multiple boards and designing bigger/bolder images. When your blog isn’t very big yet, spending most of your time in Pinterest is the smartest thing you can do and will absolutely help you grow quickly. A traffic to my blog increased to 100-150 visitors a day, which was hude change for me!

The credit goes to an ebook, that made my life so much easier. It is called The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible. You can really tell that Ana (the author of the ebook) put a lot of thought into the information she was providing. There was so much depth to each chapter and if she didn’t have her own blog post or tutorial on something, she would link to an outside source to give readers more information.

I started to use these strategies on my blog right away, chapter after chapter and I learnt so so much! I can’t wait what these strategies will bring me in 2019 since it went so well after just one month of implementing changes.


The She Approach To Making Pinterest Possible ebook will be usefull for you especially if you are ready to use pin scheduler instead of pinning manualy. Here comes Tailwind, an approved Scheduling Program by Pinterest. Tailwind is a social media scheduler that will SAVE YOU a ton of time and bring you a huge traffic if you use it right.

Once you connect your Pinterest account to Tailwind, Tailwind automatically optimizes your pinning schedule so that you pin when your followers are most active.

Tailwind costs $9.99 a month if you pay for the whole year at once, or $15 a month if you pay monthly. When I decided to start using Tailwind I wanted to give it a try and start with a monthly payment so that I could know if it works for me. HOWEVER, I was at the office at that time and it was almost lunch and my colleagues were rushing me and accidentally I bought the whole package for a year! I was so angry to myself because it was quite a big amount of money at that time. But it turned out amazing because I couln’t give up this scheduling program since it brings me more traffic than I expected.

So, instead of wasting so much time with manual pinning and getting poor results, I sit and schedule my pins on Saturday/Sunday for the whole week so I can focus on other important tasks – like writing blog posts or taking pictures.

I could talk about these kind of things all day so if you want to see more detailed posts with more statistics about each of these topics  please let me know!

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