Fashion Trends You Can Buy Under $50


As someone who loves to combine latest trends and wardrobe staples daily, I am very much aware of how costly getting dressed can be. With that in mind, being smart with my clothing purchases on a monthly and seasonal basis has become very important to me. However, I understood that shopping does not have to mean breaking the bank. You can look chic while staying on your budget.

I always try to spend less on trendy things that I know will not be usefull in a next season. It would be just waste of money. So instead of buying Réalisation’s Naomi slip skirt (which is, by the way, gorgeous) for $180.00 I bought the one from ASOS for $39 and couldn‘t be happier about my decision.

Of course, there are things that are really worth the investment. A dark pair of skinny jeans can be a good investment since it is easy to pair with clothing items that will allow for a smooth transition from day to night. The classic little black dress, white shirt, a good pair of boots, a nice handbag, a nice suit, and a good pair of sneakers are some of the wardrobe essentials that you want to own.

So if you’re on a budget and are looking to save but still want to buy some affordable and trendy items, let me suggest that you consider some of these items below.


Western trends


Neon trends

Animal print

animal print trend

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