The 5 Basic Staples You Need in Your Wardrobe


In the past couple of weeks I wrote many trends related content. It made me realised that it doesn’t matter how much I love the statement pieces in my closet, the basics are my real ‘go to’ clothing I wear day in and day out. I’ve summarised a few of my staples that I believe are well worth investing in for the coming months. They are all versatile items that can form the base to any autumn look.


Chunky knit

When temperatures drop down and it starts raining a bit too much, I often find myself reaching out for big chunky knitwear. Whether worn on it’s own or used for layering, the chunky knit is a definite Autumn staple.


White Tee

If there’s one easy to style item you should invest in for pretty much any season in the year, it should be a slightly oversized white tee. Perfect to wear with a blazer and also looks amazing with your favourite jeans and sneakers.


Classic blazer

I’m sure that the classic blazer never fails to make an impression. Make sure the blazer is just a little oversized and the jeans are slim fit and skinny at the ankle to balance proportions. However, I really love to pair it with moms jeans but I guess that’s just me since it doesn’t look so flattering yet I still love this look ;D


Black denim

A pair of black jeans is and will forever be one of staples in my wardrobe. I find them more flattering, slimming and easy to wear with nearly anything during the autumn and winter.


Autumn coat

The coat is the most dominant part of your outfit throughout colder months and it can be styled to be both smart or casual . That’s why I’m a particular fan of letting your coat be more neutral so that you wouln’t get bored of it.


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