November To-Do List


It’s November – can you believe it? After a pretty hectic, but amazing October, this month has got a lot to live up to. As I don’t have much planned, I’m hoping to take a bit of time out for myself, to make spontaneous plans and see friends too. Here are five things I’ve added to my November to-do list.


Have the perfect Hygge nights in | Remember Hygge? Although there is no one-word translation for the Danish term, it is used to describe a cozy sense of being. For me, autumn is all about Hygge. I’m excited for the dark evenings, it’s the perfect excuse to burn some candles, eat comfort food and stay snuggled on the sofa in my pyjamas.

Bake more | I have already started with a Pumpkin Pie and I’m not going to stop. Autumn baking makes me think of all things cinnamon, pumpkin-spice and apples. Aside from Christmas it’s my favourite season for baking. Let me know if there are any special requests you have for recipes coming up in the next few weeks, I’d love to know.



Update my home for winter | With winter arriving I’d like to do a sort of spring clean and refresh the home for colder months. By doing this it makes the home more cosy and snuggly since I bring out all the blankets, candles, lights and make them part of a decor. Also, it is going to be our first Christmas in the new apartment so it is extra exciting!

Make lists for Christmas! | There is nothing worst than a Christmas shopping before Christmas or even in the beginning of December. Everyone is super angry and you end up wasting a lot of your energy on queuing in lines. So hopefully I will manage to do a list of things I’m gonna need in December like gifts, wrapping paper, Christmas jumpers and buy it as soon as possible.


Take the blog to the next level | I know that is a big one but I really missed blogging during last month so hopefully you will see a lot more of my posts here during this and next months.

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