How to Find Your Dream Home


How to Find Your Dream Home

We are officially in our new place and it feels wonderful! We absolutely love our new space so far and we’ll love it even more after the renovation process that we have planned. Get ready because a lot of home decor content is coming your way.

There’s an art to choosing a place to live in and after this year I feel that I have definitely more experience and knowledge of how to find the apartment of your dream. From neighbours to the spaces themselves, I have put together the flat-hunting-checklist. Obviously, I’m not an expert and this all comes from my personal experience so don’t take it very serious.

How to Find Your Dream Home

  • Location in the city. First things first, while there are lots of important things you need to know before moving in your new apartment or house, finding the right neighborhood should also be at the top of your list. No matter how much you love your apartment, if you hate the area that you live in, chances are you won’t be staying there for very long. We found our dream apartment in the area that we love after almost 6 months but we couldn’t be happier because it is in the street that we always wanted to live in.
  • Building location. Before you even get into the apartment, check where the building is located. Is there a bar? Are you on a very main road? Is there a crossroads? We were living before on a very busy street and luckily we got used to it very quickly but there are many people who couldn’t stand that much noisy coming through their windows.
  • What floor? Elevator? Our new apartment doesn’t have an elevator and the struggle is real every time I have to carry my electric scooter to the fourth flour. First world problems, I know.
  • Bill costs. If you have high ceilings that look absolutely spectacular, you need to take into account just how long that one heater in the corner will take to bring the room to a comfortable temperature when it’s -30 degrees outside and snowing.
  • This is an important one. I really wanted to leave our previous apartment because of the neighbours and that’s why you should always ask the owner what is going to live near you.
  • Can you recycle? I know it‘s 2018 and we should all have an access to recycling bins but don‘t make these assumptions too quickly. Recycling is something that doesn’t take much of your time and can make a huge difference to the environment. So, if you care too, then make sure you know where the bins are located and if there’s any.
  • Can you imagine yourself living there? If you saw an apartment and you are not sure about it, probably it is not a right place for you.
  • Is this within your budget? That beautiful new apartment with the expansive view and a big walk-in closet may be exactly what you want, but it is not worth going into debt and spend more than you can afford!

Moving into our new apartment has been such a stressful yet exciting journey and if there’s any questions I can answer let me know. Happy House Hunting!




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