My Summer Bucketlist


I think most of you would agree that the beginning of summer is the best time of the year. And not just any beginning of summer, it finally feels like a true warm summer, after so many years. The weather and sunshine make me so incredibly happy! And knowing all the summer days are still ahead of us, that’s the best. Since I‘m a big planner, I made a list of things I want to do during these rare valuable months.

Trying kickboxing. I see that so many people have started getting into kickboxing and I want to try it out for myself!

summer bucketlist

Outdoor picnics. I had the best picnic with my friends on my birthday and I really want to do it more often. Picnics don’t really need any special planning, you can just grab a blanket, easy snacks, cold drinks, friends and most important – mosquito repellents. Because, if you forgot those, you’re screwed.

Summer festivals. I‘m so ready to visit Open‘er festival in Gdynia again this year! The line-up went beyond my dreams and I can‘t wait to see some of my favourite artists in one place.

summer bucketlist

Being a tourist in my own country. I love being able to get out and explore the history, the landscapes and the characters of my surroundings. There are so many places in Lithuania that I have never been to so hopefully I will be able to change that during these months.

summer bucketlist

Being open-minded. Summer is the perfect time to get to know new people, take on new chances, spontaneous ideas, saying yes to new things. Everything starts with the right state of mind 🙂

summer bucketlist


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