The Interview With A Fashion Clothing Brand Le SLAP


Today I’m proud to present my interview with a real statement fashion clothing brand – Le SLAP. Behind the brand there are two beautiful founders Vaida and Jurate who create stand-out-pieces giving you a perfect ‘va-va-voom’ effect, as they say. In this interview, one of them tells us about their new collection and the exciting prospects for the future.

Le Slap

Tell me a bit about Le SLAP new collection and where the inspiration came from?

Different details from our everyday lives and travels abroad. We are always affected by economic World trends and social movements. For instance, our FRENCH FRIE t-shirt lightly and sarcastically represents the feminism movement going around. While this collection is about a strong City woman who is not afraid to express herself through the lenses of fashion.

How important is the message to your label?

It is everything, the message your brand sends has to be very clear and represent your brand image. A brand is like a person, and a message you send is like words coming out of persons lips.

If this collection was a song, what would it be?

We believe that everyone has the right to their own interpretations, we create a visual form of art and want the society to be creative and listen to their inner selves.

What’s the one Le SLAP new collection piece every woman needs in her closet for this summer?

Just one? Well, if we have to choose one piece, it would be our denim jacket which comes with attachable fox fur collar. Perfect for windy days near the sea and cozy evenings at your favorite restaurant in the City. Something you always carry with you and on you.

How did you feel when one of your piece was featured on Vogue?

It was like a Mental Orgasm, the feeling when book a trip to your dream country or eat a perfectly baked chocolate fondant.

What’s next for Le SLAP?

We have plans laying around for a while after now, and what is next, you will see darlings, but we have to say, you will not be disappointed.

Le Slap

Le Slap

Le Slap

Le Slap

You can find more info about the brand HERE.

All pictures belong to Le SLAP.

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