Starting The New Year | 2018


Starting The New Year | 2018

2017 has actually been a really phenomenal year for me and it’s a bit scary to admit that. Sometimes it’s terrifying to say that you’ve been happy because you’re afraid that it will all disappear. 2017 has hands down been the single best year of my entire life and it seems like as I get older, things just keep falling into places more and more. That means that 2018 will be even better!

Let’s take a little moment to look back & forward.

Since traveling has always been my passion I like to look back to places that I have visited through the year. I have started 2017 with a weekend in London, and afterwards I traveled to Nice, Monaco, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Verona, Lake Como and it was the best trip of my life! Also, we had the chance to visit Gdynia, as it was the city where Opener festival took place, and Riga where I spend a Christmassy weekend with my friends.

Starting The New Year | 2018 Starting The New Year | 2018Starting The New Year | 2018 Starting The New Year | 2018 Starting The New Year | 2018

At the end of the year we have decided to re-decorate our small apartment and make it cozier, lighter and more practical. With just a few small changes it became my favorite place and as soon as it’s finished I will share some pictures with you!

Finally, 2017 wouldn’t have been the same without Karolis. This guy is the most caring, patient, inspiring, supportive and hilarious person I know and I can’t wait to get 2018 started with him. Let’s explore, cuddle, sleep, travel, dance, eat, relax, take pictures, go to festivals, laugh, eat, camp and watch YouTube videos together!

Who’s ready for another amazing year?!

Starting The New Year | 2018

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  1. I hope you have an even better 2018!
    x Mariya

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