Blogmas: Christmas Gift Wrapping


Blogmas: Christmas Gift Wrapping

It’s 11 days left until Christmas and I’ve wrapped some of my presents. Every year I set aside a whole afternoon or evening, put on some Christmas music and lose myself in a mountain of paper, ribbons and other decorations. The only thing which is really time-consuming, is the shopping of the “ingredients”. If you love Christmas season as much as I do, you’ll completely freak out in the Christmas department and admire every ornament for like 10 seconds until you spot an even prettier one.

For me, the joy is in the details: adding the finishing touches to my decorated home or making a gift extra special with pretty tags, ribbons or anything else that makes it look unique. This time, I chose brown paper which in my opinion looks the best and decorated it with everything that I collected during this week, so take a look and guess which one is for you!

Happy Wrapping 🙂

Blogmas: Christmas Gift Wrapping Blogmas: Christmas Gift Wrapping Blogmas: Christmas Gift Wrapping

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  1. I do enjoy a good wrapping session! 10 out of 10 for the wrapping efforts!

    x Mariya

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