Blogmas: My Favourite Bloggers Killing It Right Now


If you read Blogmas, you probably noticed that a couple of posts are missing. Honestly, I’ve been so sick, that I‘ve just been curled up in bed, watching La La Land and trying to drink as much herbal teas as possible. But now I‘m back and hopefully I‘ll go all the way untill Christmas 🙂 Within the past half a year, blogging has become my favourite thing to do, but not always the easiest. This struggle is real amongst many blogs I read – we are all united by the fact that our favourite hobby takes so much out of us. There are a few bloggers that I love reading and think “one day I’ll be this great” and even if I never get to be that great, at least I’m doing my best. If you enjoy a good read and appreciate other people’s work then I really recommend you check out their blogs.


  1. Victoria from

Amazing Bloggers Killing It Right Now

I’ve been following Victoria for about three years now. Her style is amazing and she knows exactly how to show off her down to earth personality through many articles about fashion and lifestyle. You can really tell she is so in love with her job and her passion makes me wanna do more on my blog as well.


  1. Lydia from

Amazing Bloggers Killing It Right Now

I am so, so happy I came across Lydia, her social media channels, blog and youtube are all perfect. She is undoubtedly one of the best in her field. Lydia has so much attention to detail but still manages to show her hilarious personality through all of her work. She writes more about luxury purchases but we can all dream, right?


  1. Josie from

Amazing Bloggers Killing It Right Now

I came across Josie when she first started her YouTube channel. And even though her style is not really my style I kept reading her blog because I saw how rapidly it was growing from the beginning. She is a real hard worker and I’m so glad that she now has a successful business from it.


  1. Janni from

Amazing Bloggers Killing It Right Now

Janni can often be found traveling the globe with her boyfriend, whom she often talks about. Her fans can read about their adventures in her blog, which she originally started simply to share her life with the world. She posts almost daily so there you can find lots of amazing pictures and videos because she has her own YouTube channel as well.


  1. Kotryna from

Amazing Bloggers Killing It Right Now

She is a lithuanian lifestyle blogger and digital creative empowering lots of young writers to blog. I can easily say that she taught me a lot when I have just started my blog and didn’t know a thing. So if you want to start a blog or need a new design for your current one, you know where to go.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I only new Lydia, I’ll check the others now!

    x Mariya

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