Blogmas: Christmas Party 2017


Christmas Party 2017

It’s that time of year once again when everybody is making conversation asking  “So, do you have any Christmas parties this weekend?” it’s like when December hits, you’re automatically enrolled into some kinda’ party schedule.

For this year’s Christmas party I am determined to LOVE my outfit. Last year, I went to my work Christmas party, and I didn’t really like the outfit so even though this may sound silly, not being comfortable in what I am wearing can make the whole party less fun. This time around, I’m determined to love what I’m wearing to tonight’s Christmas party. I know if I’m comfortable and feel good, I will in turn have a much better time.

If you’re considering your Christmas party outfit, why not try making something traditionally formal a little more edgy? This is what I tried to do this year. I found these vinyl trousers about a month ago and I knew it’s going to be my key piece into my Christmas party outfit. So have a look, grab some ideas and enjoy this party season!

 Christmas Party 2017 Christmas Party 2017 Christmas Party 2017

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  1. Love your trousers! I think it’s very important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and by the look of it – you look stylish and comfortable!

    x Mariya

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