Blogmas: Restaurants of Our Trip in Riga


Yesterday, I published here our trip to Riga with my university friends, talking about the things we did in the city. I preferred to separate the restaurants because they deserve a special post and here they are!


America truly has its special place in Latvia – MOONShine! Honestly speaking, the interior is the first thing you notice because it is the combination of the old classical American bar and restaurant style of the 1950’s and 60’s. Clearly, the menu fits to the entire “MOONshine” style – a la America. However, the prices were really high and the food wasn’t worth it. The only thing that I really enjoyed was Garlic Bread.


Street Fries Kitchen

It is a small street bistro serving a wide variety of pancakes, fried snacks, eggs, burgers and, of course, its speciality – Belgian-style fries. The interior is modern, yet playful and includes colourful furniture, hardwood floors and lots of funny posters on the walls. If you are beer lover you can sample a dozen or so beers in bottles from around the globe.


Mr. Fox

There is no doubt this place is the best one that we visited in Riga. Breakfast and lunch menus include ingredients such as quinoa, buckwheat, sea trout and lots of other healthy stuff, some of which is vegan or gluten-free. Mr. Fox gets extra credit for having North African shakshuka (eggs in hot tomato sauce) on the menu. Even though I haven’t tried it here, it is my new favorite meal of this month!



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