2017 Goals Update


2017 Goals Update

There’s only two months left until the end of this year, which means we have the whole two month to reach our goals of 2017. I made my list of things that I want to achieve in 2017 back at the end of last year and I’m only halfway through it. But I’ve decided that I still have some time and there is no excuse to leave those things to be done for upcoming years.

Most of these things, were related to Crystal Sundays, because 2017 is the year when I have finally started it. I’m really happy that I managed to reach this little milestone (and dream) of mine. However, I have some goals that I’m so so far from achieving them that it starts bothering me since they appear on my list every year.

One of these things that are on my black list for this (ok, and previous) year is eating healthy. I know how it is important for me since I have an allergy for all junk food but I still somehow end up at McDonald’s once a week. So, as from today I eat my very last slice of pizza and for the rest of this month I will try to eat as clean as possible. I know that one month is not that much but hey ho, it is better one month of healthiness than none at all, right? Maybe it will be a start of my healthy lifestyle 😀 So, wish me luck and I will update you after the experiment.

2017 Goals Update 2017 Goals Update2017 Goals Update 2017 Goals Update


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