If you love art, the amount of galleries in Florence can keep you busy for weeks and weeks. However, we had only couple of days here and it was really enough for us since this city was very touristy and it makes it harder to explore the Renaissance charm of this city. At this point of the trip I think I was the most tired so tourists started really annoy me.

I embrace the slow travel philosophy, instead of rushing to see every major site, just picking a few distinct places (and not always the most famous), and take my time to just soak in the atmosphere of any given place. After all, this is my vacation, and part of that is being physically and mentally, well-rested. Well, it doesn‘t always go like that but I try.

We really wanted to visit one particular park which is called Boboli Gardens. The park hosts centuries-old oak trees, sculptures, fountains and offers peaceful shelter from the warm Florentine sun. But our trip up to these gardens went really unsuccessful because we managed to pick one of the two days in the month when the park is closed… Apparently it is closed on the 1st and last Monday of each month. But instead of that, we had a success in the San Lorenzo Market which is actually comprised of two markets: an outdoor market selling souvenirs, clothing and leather products and indoor market for food. There I found my dream hat that I have been looking for three years!

Florence has it all and, while it is very touristy, don’t miss it!

Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence Florence FlorenceFlorence

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