I Spy with my Little Eye || My Laser Eye Surgery Experience


My Laser Eye Surgery Experience

You don’t really appreciate your vision until you have to wear glasses or contact lenses every day. I have been wearing glasses since the first grade and lately I felt like it really bothers me when I can‘t wear sunglasses, when I come into a warm place after being outside in winter and you can‘t really see anything or when you just want to jump into the water on a hot summer day  without leaving your sight right next to your beach towel and be almost blind while swimming (well I don‘t really know how to swim but I‘m sure you’ve got a point).

So exactly one week ago I had a laser eye surgery which is bringing my vision slowly back to me! It was done at the Lirema clinic and I could not be happier with a great work that they do and how well they treat every patient.

My Laser Eye Surgery Experience


1. Consultation. Somehow this step for me was the scariest one, because I knew that if I am suitable for the surgery, I’m going to do it. Luckily, the doctor informed me that everything was fine and suggested to have LASEK method done.

2. Surgery. As everyone said, it really wasn’t painful at all. I was completely calm because I had two weeks for my own research so I knew what’s coming. The doctor was really professional and , all the way through the surgery, she was telling me what she‘s doing and what I am going to feel.

3. Recovery. Well, I’m still in this stage. First two days after the surgery were a nightmare and I really needed lots of painkillers and darkness in my room. But after those two days, the pain was gone and I can already notice that my vision is getting better.

So if you are thinking about it, I would say do it, because there is nothing better than being able to see with nothing in-between you and the world 🙂


Clinic – Lirema

My Laser Eye Surgery Experience


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