Spring 2017 Trends I was Excited About


The countdown to hot weather is on and I’ve officially got summer wardrobe on my mind. From statement stripes to sheer dresses and the return of colored lenses, here are the Spring 2017 runway trends I actually wear in real life this spring.

Fishnet socks

To be honest, I am not entirely sure how I feel about this particular trend overall, but I found the way I like to wear it which looks casual and at the same time gives something different to the whole outfit. It is a thin line between looking stylish and slutty so you should really think about that, before you wear them.

Spring Trends

Spring Trends


Stripes were on all the spring runways in every style you can possibly imagine – horizontal, vertical, thick lines and super skinny ones, too. I feel like they will never go out of style and I think that my collection of striped items is pretty much set. For now.

Spring Trends

Spring Trends

Colored lenses

This retro item has been receiving a serious comeback and I’ve been waiting for that for around 8 years! I found one of these a long time ago at my best friend’s house and she kindly gave them away to me (because obviously they wasn’t cool at that time). Sounds like it’s time to call up your grandpa and borrow a pair!

Spring Trends

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