February Favorites


Here are some great things that I’ve been enjoying in February!

Music: Shakka

This was such a great concert! It’s funny that I didn’t know about this artist anything before his show in Vilnius but I still wanted to hear him. And it was so worth it because five minutes later I was his number one fan! His vocals are smooth and sexy that will leave you impressed. And complete admiration, his songs also has a dreamy atmosphere leaving you hooked onto every word. I’m sure we will be seeing Shakka again very soon!


Fashion piece: Fur Denim Jacket

You have probably seen this one in my previous blog post but this piece is definitely worth mentioning. I got it in Zara from men section but I could not be happier with it! It is in a size S and gives a perfect oversize effect on me! It is super warm and will be irreplaceable this spring.

Fur Denim Jacket

Food: Pad Thai, Eggs Benedict

I have two meals that I‘ve been obsessed with this month. First of them would be Pad Thai. These simple stir-fried rice noodles are almost certainly one of the best-known examples of Thai cuisine worldwide. I found a perfect recipe with a special sauce for Pad Thai which makes everything much easier.

Pad Thai

Second favorite food of the month would be Eggs Benedict. It is an oldie but goodie. I tried to do it at home but the sauce is something too mainstream for me so I rely on restaurants that make these the best.

Eggs Benedict

Accessory: Blue Velvet Backpack

Yes, we all know that velvet is a THING now. Velvet shoes, accessories, clothes and even swimsuits (!) are everywhere.  This luxurious fabric has been the talk of Fall/Winter 2016-17 and it’s not fading anytime soon. We know that everyone needs a trusty backpack and I really love this style in blue velvet with a practical quilted front pocket.

Blue Velvet Backpack


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