29/ 03/ 17

Long Weekend in London

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Last week  I spend four days in London and here are some thoughts from places that we visited! I had an amazing time and would recommend it to anyone who’d like to go on a quick but memorable visit to another city (or country).

1. Notting Hills

I could spend the whole day just taking pictures and wondering around there. Different shades of rainbows and muted pastel colors filled many of streets of this posh neighborhood.

Long weekend in London

Long weekend in London

2. Parks

Cities can often be hard places to inhabit. They’re loud, busy, crowded, and those elements can make them overwhelming and stressful. A nice park is more than green space in the middle of a concrete jungle – it makes a city lovable and livable.

Long weekend in London

3. South Kensington

I really want to live here. It’s in the center of London but somehow looks quite calm, peaceful and luxurious.

4. Museums

I know there are lots of people who hate museums. But I love it. I was studying Culture information and communication so museums were one of the things I was enjoying studying about.  Although museums are mainly focused on showcasing the things of the past, their future is looking decidedly rosy. Museums are increasingly creating interactive exhibits as a way to increase audience engagement and it really works! We visited The National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum.

My legs were dead afterwards. But it was worth it.

5. Big City life

It’s like New York. Don’t think this city ever sleeps.

Long weekend in London

Long weekend in London

Long weekend in London


07/ 03/ 17

February Favorites

Here are some great things that I’ve been enjoying in February!

Music: Shakka

This was such a great concert! It’s funny that I didn’t know about this artist anything before his show in Vilnius but I still wanted to hear him. And it was so worth it because five minutes later I was his number one fan! His vocals are smooth and sexy that will leave you impressed. And complete admiration, his songs also has a dreamy atmosphere leaving you hooked onto every word. I’m sure we will be seeing Shakka again very soon!


Fashion piece: Fur Denim Jacket

You have probably seen this one in my previous blog post but this piece is definitely worth mentioning. I got it in Zara from men section but I could not be happier with it! It is in a size S and gives a perfect oversize effect on me! It is super warm and will be irreplaceable this spring.

Fur Denim Jacket

Food: Pad Thai, Eggs Benedict

I have two meals that I‘ve been obsessed with this month. First of them would be Pad Thai. These simple stir-fried rice noodles are almost certainly one of the best-known examples of Thai cuisine worldwide. I found a perfect recipe with a special sauce for Pad Thai which makes everything much easier.

Pad Thai

Second favorite food of the month would be Eggs Benedict. It is an oldie but goodie. I tried to do it at home but the sauce is something too mainstream for me so I rely on restaurants that make these the best.

Eggs Benedict

Accessory: Blue Velvet Backpack

Yes, we all know that velvet is a THING now. Velvet shoes, accessories, clothes and even swimsuits (!) are everywhere.  This luxurious fabric has been the talk of Fall/Winter 2016-17 and it’s not fading anytime soon. We know that everyone needs a trusty backpack and I really love this style in blue velvet with a practical quilted front pocket.

Blue Velvet Backpack