21/ 02/ 17

A Pop of Color

 A pop of color

Sometimes all you need in your life is just a bright colored detail in you outfit that will make you happy from the moment you put that on. Especially when all you can see around is fifty shades of grey (or even more).

On Saturday, I woke up with a color craving but unfortunately my closet isn’t a place to look for that at the moment. So I promised myself that this spring is going to be for loads of colors, embroidered clothing and fresh flowers at home. Isn’t it all you need after all?

Luckily, I found this bright pink wall and you all know what to to when there’s a pink wall.

Pink Wall

Pink WallPink Wall

A pop of color

14/ 02/ 17

Leather is The New Denim

Leather is The New Denim

I know it‘s cold and you can still see the hint of snow lying around but I am already in the mood for spring! I have so many clothing items that I want to have this spring and finally hide away all the wintery stuff. Actually, there are couple of items in my closet that I managed to buy on sales and they are waiting till the weather will be warm enough.

However, there is one item that has been very useful this winter with many different outfits. It’s a leather skirt. Leather has always been the kind of material that I fell in love from the moment I bought my first leather jacket. You can pair a leather mini with a striped sweater and lace-up sandal shoes for an elevated everyday look, or stand out from the crowd by adding an asymmetric element and rocking a bold color. In my case, I love to pair it with a floral embroidered sweater which can be perfect for everyday office look.

Leather Skirt

Leather Skirt     Leather Skirt